A small donation today would really help build the foundation for this campaign. I would very much appreciate your contribution to help me communicate with voters in Centennial City Council, District 4.

In return you have my commitment that I will run an efficient and ethical campaign and will work as hard as possible to represent the district well if I am elected.

To contribute by mail:

Marlo Alston For Centennial City Council

P.O. Box 460172

Centennial, Colorado 80046


Please note:

Enter your contribution amount and then select payment option.

You can also make a contribution, if you have a PayPal account by going to: PayPal.Me/MarloAlston

Contribution Rules:

Prohibited Contributions Candidates and Candidate Committees may not accept contributions from:

  1. Corporations (profit or non-profit)
  2. Labor organizations
  3. Foreign citizens, foreign corporations, or foreign governments
  4. Another candidate committee (local, state, or federal)
  5. Anonymous donors if the contribution is $20 or more
  6. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), if any of the LLC members are a:
  • Corporation or labor organization
  • Natural person who is not a U.S. Citizen
  • Foreign government
  • Lobbyist prohibited from contributing under CRS Section 14-45-105.5(1)
  • Contributions to candidates are prohibited from LLCs whom the I.R.S. treats as corporations and from LLCs with publicly traded shares.

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