Marlo Alston Announces Endorsement List

I’m honored and humbled to have earned the endorsement of the following individuals and organization. I have earned the support of Democrats, Independents and Republicans because I am willing to work with everyone for what is best for Centennial; more specifically Centennial’s District IV.

Current and Former Elected Officials:

Marlo Alston cares about our community.  She is a thoughtful listener and a tireless fighter for social justice issues. Marlo will represent her constituents in Centennial with energy and integrity.

Nancy Jackson
Arapahoe County Commissioner #4

I am proud to endorse Mrs. Marlo Alston as a candidate for Centennial City Council District 4, Centennial, Colorado. I have worked with Mrs. Alston on several campaigns, state and local, in civic organizations and find her to possess the dignity, exceptionally high work ethic, dedication and integrity to serve this city successfully.  Marlo has the skill and courage to make the hard decisions sometimes necessary.  Her knowledge, concern for citizens, and caring in everything she undertakes will serve our city well. Her understanding of City issues has developed from serving on the Open Space Advisory Board (OSAB), from attendance in Centennial 101, from going on a “ride along” with the Arapahoe County Sheriff and the Cunningham Fire Protection District, attendance at school board meetings and many other civic activities.  She has taken her time, energy and resources to learn the city, the citizens, the concerns and challenges. 

As a married and working mother of three Marlo has the background, skills and temperament to serve our city and the South Metro Denver area exceptionally well. Mrs. Alston is the best qualified candidate.

Working for and supporting the City from beginning to present, she has demonstrated her capabilities in many capacities.  With her demonstrated willingness to serve and excellent perceptiveness, she is the kind of person needed to keep the City of Centennial on track in service to our Citizens through planned growth, economic development to maintain our high quality of life and preserving the fine character of our diverse neighborhoods.

I ask that you vote for Marlo Alston for City Council District 4.

Vorry C. Moon, Lt. Colonel, USAF, Retired
Former Council Member District 1
Centennial, Colorado

Additional Endorsements From Current and Former Elected Officials:

Senator Rhonda Fields

Senator Nancy Todd

State Representative Jovan Melton

Honorable Former State Representative Karen Middleton

State Representative Joseph Salazar

State Board Of Education Rebecca McClellan

Arapahoe County Commissioner Bill Holen

Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Jackson

Centennial City Councilwoman Candace Moon

Honorable Former Centennial City Councilman Vorry Moon

Aurora Mayor Pro Tem Angela Lawson


Denver Area Labor Federation (DALF)

Community Friends and Supporters:

Gail Algee Pough

Jessica Campbell-Swanson

Vita Lantz-Brown Norm Davey

Chris Davis

Barbara Groves Jones

Mike Hamrick

Elma Hairston

Jeffery B. Jeweler

Carla Ladd

Joan Lopez

Dr. Levester Lyons

Tim Marshall

Tamra McGarity DeBrady

Omar Montgomery

Jeff Moser

Jessica Newton

Patricia Noonan

Portia Prescott

Morris Price, Jr.

Sandy Reavey

Bernie Rogoff

Don Strickland

Tom Sullivan

Allison Vail