Meet Marlo

Dedication, Management, Leadership and Integrity

I am a dedicated and loving wife, mother of 3 (2 sons and a daughter), and grandmother. I come from a military family which includes my husband, father, and both sons. Law Enforcement is also ingrained into the fabric of my upbringing where many of my loved ones took the sacred oath to protect and serve with honor with pride.

I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the University of Denver.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends laughing and enjoying life. I enjoy writing positive notes and encouraging others in their life’s endeavors. I also enjoy watching Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and SWAT.

A dramatic event impacted my life at the age of eighteen. I was sexually and physically assaulted by a man who was later prosecuted and served less than ten years in prison. This traumatic event forever changed my life by putting me on the front lines as an advocate for sexual assault survivors. I have established working relationships with our local law enforcement, the fire department, and our District Attorney, which I will continue to use as resources and allies as your City Councilwoman for District IV. Continuously developing these relationships will ensure that our city remains one of the safest cities in Colorado and the nation.

I will continue fighting for the citizens of Centennial… I’m asking for your continued support.

My objectives are to keep taxes low and property values high, our city safe and to maintain our quality of life and standard of living.  I will continue to work collaboratively with citizens and City Council members to achieve these goals by:

  • Attracting businesses to Centennial
  • Continuing conservative fiscal stewardship
  • Maintaining the residential character of our neighborhoods
  • Improving our roads, roadside rights of way, parks, trails and open space
  • Keeping city government efficient, effective, transparent, responsive and responsible