Traffic and Roads

As your Councilwoman I will continue to work with pride for our City and specifically for District IV. I am committed to our City’s strategic and budgetary planning for construction of new improvements and for preservation of the City’s infrastructure.

Street Rehab Programs

  • Mill and Overlay
  • Slurry Seal 
  • Crack Seal
  • Concrete Replacement

Roadway Projects

Improvements may include street rehabilitation, road widening, new traffic signals, new recreational trails, parks and other pieces of infrastructure.

The Smoky Hill Road Corridor Study will take place in 2021.

Two key components of the study are outreach focused:

  • Public Meetings
  • Stakeholder meetings

Utility Projects:

  • The overhead electric is currently being undergrounded at the Himalaya Street/Gibraltar Way intersection. The new traffic signals at both intersections will be operational by the April 2021.
  • Ting Fiber Network Deployment – Cherry Knolls, Ridgeview Hills North, Smoky Ridge, and Highlands 460.